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Josep Mª

Painter, Engraver.

Born in January the 23rd, 1956 in Reus.

Professional Artist.

Graduate in Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona, Degree on Engravings.

He participated and obtained prizes in several national and international Art exhibitions and biennials. He has exhibited his work individually and collectively in several Art galleries in Spain and abroad.




An Artist who is able to see and explain his paintings through their most expressive elements. Hence his tendency to synthesise and his effort to grasp the essentials in his subjects in which the Artist shows eloquent visual virtues. Spontaneous painting and thus straight as well. Firm and precise line. This spontaneity is due to his own self assurance, to his own savoir faire, being able to join qualities with the simpleness of his unimaginable sense of colour.

Fernando Gutiérrez

His technique builds an expression channel that gives a vigorous language. Colorful work with a very fine treated composition. Generous with his lines, he shows concerns all through his works where an artistic content is shown and his well performed technique gives an own expressive and poetic language.

Rafael Cortés

The recreation of objective reality follows a specific formalism. It is accurate to the references, environment and atmosphere. Outstanding grasp of the different techniques, he reaches remarkable expressivity results and chromatic concordances. His accurate and balanced distribution of the composition features credit him as an excellent drawer with an intelligent sense of colour.

Lina Font
Crítica de Arte


He got a high qualifications academically. Reached high honours in colouring, artistic anatomy and pictorial procedures. He obtained a prize in painting from his university on his first academical year.

"Every facet in life is subjective, Art is no exception."

"The value of a piece of Art remains subjective as well, besides appraisals and prices. It has to bring up emotions to the observer, that is the most important of it all. This should be the reason to purchase it. Even better if it is affordable. The Artist’s academic background should be a guarantee like in any other human activity, and this should always be represented on the final quality of his works."

Josep M. 

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